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How it all began…

COVED was started as a small business at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak and I really wanted to help the cause. However, after just returning home from Austria I had to undertake two weeks of self-isolation – two weeks, that’s enough time to get something started, right?

Before my travels I lived on an organic farm with a popular veg box scheme. Whilst there, I came across an old ‘coal-powered’ CMS system and offered to look into upgrading it! We are now nearing the final stages of a full web-based system, albeit an ongoing development project.

When the coronavirus hit, the farm shop was flooded with orders and the online shop unfortunately had to close. This is what made me think about the veg boxes and how many small businesses must be getting overloaded with business, particularly at this time!

This was the starting point in our mission to help small businesses get online! This could maybe just be a simple page to advertise their business or a full CMS system to help manage bulk orders, either of which can normally be a costly investment, however I want to provide this service at a reduced rate to allow them to expand without the big hit.

This service serves two-fold; it helps me to get started in the web development world and also helps them grow their business, in their world!

Having a degree in Computer Science, I have always carried out a lot of web development type of work. Providing platforms for people to reach another aspect of their business through your implementation and input is very rewarding, whether that be a simple business page or a whole e-commerce system to rival the likes of Amazon!

Teamwork is very important to me and this is why I want to develop COVED into just that, hence the full name. I have already started working with a new junior developer and, as their progress develops, I will look to take on more to help build websites and help to kick start their web development skills. The pupil becomes the teacher!

We mainly work in WordPress, as this is what I am most familiar with, but I am not averse to using the usual suspects; Squarespace, Wix, etc. From my degree I am also confident programming in the main languages used, such as PHP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS and so on. More about that on our services and solutions page.

We are always excited about new projects big or small!

If you have a business that is missing the online element or you have an old system that just needs updating, we are happy to have a look and offer up some free advice and provide a free quotation on how we can help to enhance your business. We are just keen on helping out where we can!