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Domain/Web Hosting

We can chat you through getting your domain sorted with a range of hosting options, tell you what all those complicated words and options mean for you!

We are happy to work with most hosting providers, so if you already have this set up that’s not a problem!

Content Managment

This is a long way of describing; wordpress, Wix, Squarespace etc, we can set this up for you so its all ready to use, weather you want a blog a shop or just a site that shows what you do!


You want to sell products online? Not a problem that’s where CoveD all started helping small businesses get an online platform!
It can be a shop with only 7 items or one with 7 thousand items, no difference to us!

From online products for download, physical items requiring delivery or selling holidays we can work out what is best for your buisness.


We have a small team of designers with a range of styles from a variety of backgrounds, everyone needs a personalised solution when it comes to design!

Logo design to water marking images, we will be able to get things sorted for you!


Everyone needs a way to be contacted, the most popular option is email!

We can help you set up a personalised email for your buisness.

[email protected]


Everyone loves social media these days, if you have social channels i’m sure you will want these integrating with your website; just a link or the ability for customers to share and like individual products.


We will help you get your website secure and safe; your own log in details, SSL Certificates, Customer accounts and anything else to keep you as secure as a bank.

Dataprotection is somthing we must concider for any website collecting information, ask us how this affects you!


We will set up a back up program on your site so you will never loose your data if something goes wrong.

This can happen anytime, so its a must have, you know it will affect you when you are the buisiest.


Inevetably as your buisness grows your going to want upgrades, we will be happy to help any of our customers upgrade and get the features you require to make your buisness run as smoothly.

Upgrading plugin’s, Changing images, Amending page layouts any regular maintenance get in touch we will be happy to help.

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